General Terms and Conditions of the Event

I have been aware of a certain hazard that may arise from the event, and understand that both Decathlon and I shall fulfill its own obligations to secure the safety of the event and make each participant have wonderful experience during the event. Therefore, I’ve read carefully and agreed the description of the event and this General Terms and Conditions before participating the event:

I will follow the instruction and guidance of Decathlon’s staff or the coach engaged by Decathlon during the event, and equip the personal safety equipment necessary for the event.

I will immediately inform Decathlon and stop participating the event, and agree that Decathlon may also request me to drop out of the event if I:

  • 1. participate in activities when taking drugs (medicines for cold, sedative category, anti-allergy and heart disease, etc.) or after getting alcoholic drinks.
  • 2. am in physical discomfort, tired or in bad spirit before participating in the activities, or.
  • 3. participate in the activities within one hour after a meal.

I hereby grant Decathlon and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Decathlon”) a 5 years free right to use, retain, publish and distribute my photos and videos (hereinafter referred to as “Images”) took during this event from the date this Letter of Commitment is signed. Decathlon has the right to use the Images and any revised version of Images. I hereby agree that Decathlon may, after modifying or redefining the Images, use the Images in any kinds of activities Decathlon decides to hold worldwide (Especially in a small business event or print out and publish).